Cornerstone Presbyterian Church would like to welcome the new members to our church family.

October 29, 2017

Will & Beth Pearce

Annes Frances (6th grade), Libby (4th grade), & Milly (1st grade)







May 7, 2017


James & Jessica Roberts, Ames (9) and Pope (4)

James is the Postmaster at the Maplesville Post Office and Jessica is a 2 year old teacher at Leika’s Preschool.







Shawn & Devon Gray, Lincoln (2) and Holcomb (6 months old). Shawn is employed by Bush Hog and Devin is a stay-at-home mom with her two boys.









July 31, 2016

Kirk and Meredith Johnson, Claire (10), Patrick (7), and Mary Ellis (3). Kirk is employed by Oxford Manufacturing, and Meredith by Jamison Money Farmer PC.








July 24, 2016

Blake and Susan South, Weatherford
Susan is a kindergarten teacher at Brantley Elementary, and Blake is employed by Gallagher Benefit Services.








new member

July 17, 2016

Zac & Brooke Lee
Zac is employed by International Paper and Brooke works at Elkdale Baptist Church.







new member2 Dillon & Kalee Peak, Evelyn, Collins, Dillon & Sims.
Dillon is a Nurse Anesthetist and Kalee is a Speech Therapist.