Dear Cornerstone Family,

As we approach Sunday…the Lord’s Day…I am filled with competing emotions.  I’m a bit apprehensive about the general state of affairs…as we all are I’m sure!  I’m sad because I’m going to genuinely miss gathering as family in the Cornerstone sanctuary to worship TOGETHER!  But I’m also excited….here’s an opportunity to do something most, if not all, of us probably haven’t done regularly…experience the intimacy of simple family worship, in our homes, just us, together…Could this be the start of something we do more often, even when things get back to ‘normal’?  I hope so!!!

Since we are not gathering at 301 Broad Street, I thought we would bring 301 Broad Street to YOU!  Attached you will find a worship guide that’s very similar to what we would normally do on any given Sunday…with several exceptions….you will notice that I have given you some simple instructions about giving tithes and offerings.  Obviously, this is going to pose some logistical issues…so you can drop your offering off in the mornings when the office is open or mail it in.  Also, while hymns/songs are included, there is no accompaniment.  You can easily find these on YouTube or simply sing them/read them together.  You will also notice that I have not included a link to a “livestreaming” sermon or anything online.  Before we attempt that, I wanted to provide you with the resource that I use EVERY TIME I study a passage in preparation for preaching.  It is my adaptation of a previous adaptation by Tim Keller of a resource originally penned by Martin Luther called A Simple Way to Pray.  It is just that…simple.  Give it a try as you sit together and read and meditate on Psalm 121.

I hope this helps you worship….Remember, just because we are not getting together, it doesn’t mean it is not the Lord’s Day.  Let’s make a commitment to join together, even though separated, at 10:30 a.m. and worship the Living God with unified hearts and minds and voices!

Grace and Peace,